Ten Top Tips for Speakers at Your Next Non-Profit Fundraiser

We are in the benefit auction consulting business to make your event the most profitable. We don’t want guests leaving early. How can we ensure this?


1.  Reduce the number of people who speak at your auction.
2.  Make a new rule. Everyone who touches the microphone must say why they love YOU and how your mission impacts them!
3.  Tell an inspiring true story.
4.  Focus on fundraising: Insure that your speaker asks your guests to generously bid and support you during their remarks!
5.  Limit everyone’s “brief inspiring remarks” to less than 2 minutes. (Did you notice that I did not say speech?)
6.  Insist on seeing your speakers script far in advance of your auction. Edit these remarks if they run on and/or do not focus on the IMPACT of your nonprofit or school.
7.  Coach your speakers how to lift the audience with short inspiring remarks about what your non profit means to them – personally.
8.  Insist on a ‘Run-Through and Sound Check’ before your doors open. This means you need to ask your speakers to show up before your doors open to rehearse.
9.  lace a trusted volunteer “timer” in front of the stage with a red card that reads 30 seconds. Have a “stage manager” near the stage to keep you on track.

10. Thank your speakers for being an important part of your amazing Fundraising Team.

Visit us at www.impactauctions.info

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