What Auctioneer Should I Hire For A Benefit Fundraiser

What Auctioneer Should You Trust For Your Next Fundraising Live Auction?

There are three types of auctioneers:

The volunteer is a wonderful choice for the Master of Ceremonies but most often unskilled in raising money. They don’t often make adequate charity auctioneers and will leave a lot of money in the room at the end of the night costing your organizations thousand of dollars.

The traditional auctioneer is professionally trained in the fast talking, but more often have no experience in fundraising auctions. Unfortunately this can and does impact your fundraising event because they do not understand their guests sitting at the tables.

The professional charity auctioneer, benefit auctioneer, or fundraising auctioneer typically comes from an accredited auction school, or he has apprenticed with a fundraising auctioneer. These auctioneers possess the requisite professional experience with years in the industry, and the fundraising knowledge required to insure your event’s profitability.

Getting educated about your Auctioneer before you hire him/her is one of the most valuable tools for your event.

Which one would you choose?



Debbie and Ron
Impact Auctions

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