10 Key Expectations For The Fundraising Coordinators

Auctioneers Expect More From Fundraising Coordinators: 10 Key Expectations For The Coordinators 1. Mission Statement and Attendees The MOST critical job for the organization is to have committed attendees and A-list donors in attendance at the event that have a passion for the mission of the fundraiser. The more committed guests you have, the more successful the event will be. As the saying goes, you can’t get blood from a turnip. 2. Find a Professional Auctioneer Team That Cares About Your Cause Too many times we hire the first auctioneer who comes along that sounds like they might do a … Continue reading 10 Key Expectations For The Fundraising Coordinators

Golden Ticket Priceless

The much awaited golden ticket charity auction invitation arrived in the mail for this year’s black-tie fundraiser. One of  Sarah’s passions was helping charities, and as a die-hard supporter for this organization, she looked forward to attending this event each year. This not-for-profit organization was in its tenth year raising money for the HOPE FOR BOYS program.  This was something near and dear to her own heart.  It was a  mentorship program for teenage boys in trouble.  Sarah was raised without a father many years ago and had witnessed her own brother struggle as a teenager until he got involved with this program which turned his life around.  She would … Continue reading Golden Ticket Priceless

Free Ebook to Fundraisers Needing To Raise More Money

Impact Auctions understands that all fundraising events need to add revenue to the organization’s bottom-line. It is about delivering your non-profit organization’s critical message to your guests. It is about creating an atmosphere of giving. It is about treating your guests with kindness and sincerity. It is about your guests leaving delighted to have attended your memorable benefit and most importantly setting the stage for them to look forward to giving generously again at your next fundraising event. Impact Auctions helps clients that are providing loving care for the developmentally disabled, building new playgrounds in areas that have lost hope, … Continue reading Free Ebook to Fundraisers Needing To Raise More Money