Free Ebook to Fundraisers Needing To Raise More Money

What To Expect When Expected to Raise More:
What To Expect When Expected to Raise More:

Impact Auctions understands that all fundraising events need to add revenue to the organization’s bottom-line. It is about delivering your non-profit organization’s critical message to your guests. It is about creating an atmosphere of giving. It is about treating your guests with kindness and sincerity. It is about your guests leaving delighted to have attended your memorable benefit and most importantly setting the stage for them to look forward to giving generously again at your next fundraising event.

Impact Auctions helps clients that are providing loving care for the developmentally disabled, building new playgrounds in areas that have lost hope, speaking on behalf of groups whose voices cannot be heard, funding music, theater and the arts to bring emotion into our lives, caring for the elderly, finding cures for the sick, feeding and sheltering the less fortunate, and educating children to be our future leaders. We know that every dollar raised can help to change the world!!!

Impact Auctions understands the difficulty in supplying enough quality items for a live auction, so we have taken that burden away. We are partnering with companies offering quality trips that you can choose to auction off at your event that will enlighten your guests into bidding happily. A live auction turnkey experience is what you can expect when hiring Impact Auctions.

Impact Auctions is built on integrity and ethics. We promise to enter each charity benefit fundraising assignment with creativity and a deep understanding of your desires and purpose. It is our pledge to approach each benefit fundraising event with pizzazz and passion, which we in turn, will motivate your audience to donate more money which will make your organization smile. After all, this is what you would expect, right?

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