Golden Ticket Priceless

03-golden-ticket-wedding-invitation-chocolateThe much awaited golden ticket charity auction invitation arrived in the mail for this year’s black-tie fundraiser. One of  Sarah’s passions was helping charities, and as a die-hard supporter for this organization, she looked forward to attending this event each year. This not-for-profit organization was in its tenth year raising money for the HOPE FOR BOYS program.  This was something near and dear to her own heart.  It was a  mentorship program for teenage boys in trouble.  Sarah was raised without a father many years ago and had witnessed her own brother struggle as a teenager until he got involved with this program which turned his life around.  She would always be grateful for this organization’s mission for boys like her brother.   Since she couldn’t volunteer in the program because of her work schedule, she always helped financially.   This organization gave 90% of all money raised to educating, loving, and giving hope to boys like her brother.  

 This year’s Black-Tie Golden Ticket  BOYS TO HOPE gala would include a live auction with a professional auctioneer.  Last year she won a trip of a lifetime to Bora Bora in which she took her brother and had just returned with joyous memories. This year she wanted to bid on an Alaska Cruise.   If she was the successful bidder, she was thinking of  giving it back to the charity as a special gift  because she didn’t have time to take a trip this year.  She understood the  live auction was the best way to support  the charity financially each year and always looked forward to the excitement of trying to be the winning bidder. The Live auction was always a lot of fun.  


Outstanding, wouldn’t you have to agree? Don’t you wish all your supporters were like Sarah?  Why is this organization having great success?  Let’s investigate 4 key success traits that makes this GOLDEN TICKET PRICELESS.

1.  Mission Is Clear

The mission of the organization is very clear why the money is being raised and how it is being used.  Sarah knows that 90% of the money raised is staying in the program to help boys like her brother.

2.  Tradition

Sarah already knew the date of the event, and was awaiting for the Golden Ticket invitation to come in the mail.  There is something to say about an annual traditional event that your guests are looking forward to support each year.

3.  Expectations

Sarah was already aware there would be a silent and live auction at the gala.  In fact, she won a fabulous live auction trip last year and was looking forward to bidding on another trip this year to give as a gift.  The organization had done a good job getting the information out to the guests what items were being auction and had much success  with  a live auction each year because they hired a professional auctioneer team.

4.  Passionate Guest List

This organization had acquired over the years a passionate guest list, including people like Sarah.  Not all guests are able to volunteer in the organization or be part of the board as a member, but financially willing to support and help in any way they can.  These guests are truly priceless angels.

May all not-for-profit organizations have a  Golden Ticket Gala that can strategically use these 4 success tips to increase your funds each year and meet your organization’s goals. Hope plans are going  well on your next PRICELESS GOLDEN TICKET event.

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