Not-For-Profit Gala Fundraiser Tips


Non profit fundraising galas can be especially rewarding and very profitable for the organization if these imperative steps are follow. Here are some vital tips to follow when considering having a fundraising gala.

1. Mission of the gala and goal

The mission of the gala must be clearly understood by everyone who will be participating including the event planners, the board, the volunteers, the guest, and donors. The mission and goals for the fundraiser should be clearly written.

2. Advocates for the cause

Creating a guest list that supports the mission statement for your organization is one of the most important first jobs to complete. Remember to include on the guest list:

Local donors

Company sponsorships

Don’t forget the “service providers” *power and lights/gas, * book suppliers, security, * food providers sanitation/water, * partnerships to the organization, realtors, * radio stations/TV Stations, *landscapers, *marketing firms.

Supporters that are passionate outside of the local area.

Celebrities locally and worldly. Unknown-1

3. Memorable theme for the guest

The gala needs to be a memorable night for each guest. Guests who have special memories from this night will continue to support the cause year after year. Pick a weekend night that will be used annually. Different themes can be executed each year to keep it fresh and enjoyable for each attendee.

4. Live and silent auction

When individuals or companies purchase tickets, the focus must be on the mission of the gala. Silent auctions, live auctions, raffle tickets, etc, are all great ways to help the organization’s mission for raising the money needed to complete the goals for the organization. Auction items should be unique and personal to the hearts of the guest to manifest happy givers. 539379_467419219953223_1704138489_n

5.  Getting started

Getting started means setting a budget and making deposits on imperative items. Crucial things to be consider:

Date of the annual event Venue (How many guests can the venue accommodate)

How many guest will be invited

Ticket price (tables and couples)

What will be the menu for the evening?

Catering, Sit down dinner,  Buffet Stations

What outside venders will be needed (cost)




Equipment like: sound system, rented tables and chairs, etc

Centerpieces and table arrangements

Personal invitations, postage, etc

Bid pal service, etc


Securing silent and live auction items

Theme of the evening


Save the Date invitations and invitations

Emcee for the evening

Marketing for the gala

Valet parking

Party favors

The sooner you get started, the less stress a gala becomes as the date draws nearer.  Don’t forget, this is a fundraiser that should bring joy to all participants, including the event planner.  Always keep a smile on your face and remember what a great job you are doing. logo PNG Debbie from Impact Auctions Event Planner for Live and Silent Auctions

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