Inspiring Themes for Fundraising Galas

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We have been fortunate enough to witness thousands of fundraising galas and themes over the last 15 years of our career.  Each time we walk into the ballroom where the charity event is taking place, our breath is taken away with all the details and love given to make it a special theme and night for everyone in attendance.    

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Fundraising Gala Theme Ideas

POPULAR THEMES For Charity Events 

What are the popular themes?  Here are some trendy themes to think about for your next non-profit gala.

1. Men Cooking

Why not get the men in your community involved by cooking up a storm and sharing their signature dishes. This is for the casual event, but a popular idea.  Each guest will be expected to vote at the end of the meal for their favorite dishes.  The winning chefs are awarded a trophy for their hard work, but more importantly, bragging rights for the year.

2. Kentucky Derby Party

Most people like to watch and bet on the most exciting horse race of the year, the Kentucky Derby. Women love to show off their colorful hats and dresses, and the men are thrilled to accompany their date to the greatest fundraising event of the year.  Make sure to know your state betting laws.

3. Dancing With The Stars

Have an active group that enjoys boogieing? This is a sure way to get community involvement by asking local celebrities to be the guest dancing stars.  Local dance instructors will be knocking on your door to donate their time for the event.   Let the dancing begin while making money for your NonProfit organization.

4. Mardi Gras, New Orleans Style

Mardi Gras, New Orleans style, is still a very popular theme. The colorful colors of purple, green and gold will decorate your party room for a memorable and festive occasion. Mardi Gras brings positive, festive memories to all ages, young and old.  Make sure you have plenty of beads to hand out .

5. Celebrity Sighting Glamorous

Having a celebrity scheduled to come to your event will boost ticket sales immediately. Having a private meet and greet for VIP donors will be an incentive for those members.  It could be a local celebrity or sports star that everyone loves.  Having everyone dressing as a favorite movie star will make for a glamorous night.  Make sure you have the red carpet as your guests arrive along with lots of stations for the movie stars to have their pictures taken.

6. A Taste Of Italy

Getting local businesses to donate bottles of wines and their expertise for the evening is a win-win situation.  Forming partnerships with local businesses is certainly a great opportunity for the community as well as the organization.

7.  Christmas Gala

Christmas time is a popular time for sharing and giving, so why not make your gala exactly what the season is all about. Who wouldn’t want a picture taken with Santa while supporting a great cause.  Bringing toys for tots makes for a great Christmas for everyone involved.

8. Fashion  Runway

Having a fashion runway show starring Pediatric Children showing off their style with their hero of what they want to be when they grow up is Priceless.  Fashion styles shows are hot right now and are truly rewarding.

9.  All That Jazz

The roaring 20’s was a great era of time and is a great theme to roll out the red carpet.   Have a vintage car?  Use it as the backdrop for photos for each couple arriving at the event. This theme will have your audience dancing all night long to the music of jazz.

10.  Sports Gala 

Always a great way to attract guests and raise money for your cause, the sports gala dinner can be planned around certain sporting events or can simply be decorated with athletics in mind. Simply choose your favorite local team or activity and decorate it with the team colors.



Craft Beer is in and here to stay. Having a gala with a theme for craft beer tasting will be a big hit among all members of your organization.  It might even attract new younger members to your organization mission

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Very traditional, but is popular no matter what time of year.


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