All Auctioneers Are Not The Same

All Auctioneers Are Not The Same

Congratulations! You have decided to have a live auction at your next event and need to find a fundraising charity auctioneer. One of the first steps is to find an auctioneer that meets your goals. The best fundraising auctioneer’s dates fill up fast, so don’t delay on selecting the auctioneer of your choice. There are three types of auctioneers that may approach your organization that you could choose from:


The volunteer is a wonderful choice for the Master of Ceremonies but most often unskilled in raising money. They usually do not make adequate charity auctioneers and will leave much money in the room at the end of the night costing your organizations thousand of dollars. Steer clear of the volunteer auctioneer. Just remember, you get what you pay for in most cases.


The traditional auctioneer is professionally trained in the auctioneer chant and may use his skills selling cars, tobacco or cattle. In most cases, the traditional auctioneer will charge a flat fee and probably has no experience in how a fundraising auction and their guests differ when selling from the stage. Usually this auctioneer shows up to do the auction at a certain time and leaves right after the auction is over taking with him his paid flat fee. Because of this, they have no skin in the game.

The professional charity auctioneer should come from an accredited auction school and possess a professional auctioneer license. These auctioneers have the requisite professional experience on stage, and the fundraising knowledge required to ensure your event’s success. Always ask for current references and for raw video.

Look for important traits like:
How the auctioneer engages with the audience. (This is probably the most important skill to look for because no one likes to buy from someone they cannot relate.)
Can you understand what is being auctioned off?
Professionalism and expertise should be noted.
Does the auctioneer bring excitement to the stage and look like he enjoys what he does?
Google the auctioneer’s name and peek at the website.

Professional auctioneers usually charge a percentage of the live auction’s gross raised. A professional auctioneer should supply a team of spotters to enhance guest bidding.

Start searching now because popular auctioneer’s dates fill up fast.

Good Luck on your live auction.

Debbie of Impact Auctions

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What To Expect When Expected to Raise More:
What To Expect When Expected to Raise More:

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