Best Items to Auction at a Charity Fundraising Event

What are the best items to auction at a fundraising charity event?  This is a very common question we are asked over and over again. Let’s investigate.

It really comes down to this one question?  What do your guests DESIRE?

Here is a list of the most desirable items we have come across to be the most valued by attendees:

1. “ONE OF A KIND” experiences   —  Professional Athletic Teams, Superbowl Tickets, Etc.

2.  “Chef’s” cooking —  Having a chef come to your house and cook for a dinner party

3. “Travel” near and farExperiences and Trips that are popular with unique destinations with no blackout dates.

4. “Entertainment” speciality —  Concert tickets to sold out concerts or events.

5. “Wine and Dining” —   Everyone loves a good wine and dining opportunity.

6. “Organization Encounter” — If your organization has a special function, create a package.  Check out how a four year old’s art work was a hit at this auction.

7.  “Valued Memorabilia“– If your guests want a signed jersey, by all means, auction it.

Here is a great list to keep handy to give to your committee members.

Live Auction Ideas jpeg

Best of Luck on finding the very best items for your next event.  Impact Auctions has award winning consignment packages.  Check them out today.


PS.  Don’t forget to tag and support your organization by having your guest #tag their favorite selfless to #your organization’s social media pages and use this #CharitySupportSelfie to support all organizations.

Impact AUctions Selfie

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