Charity Business

imagesHenry Ford said it best.  If a business is only in business to make money, that is poor business.  Impact Auctions, charity auctioneer, is a company that cares about the non-profit world.   We want the visions and goals that each organization has set to become a reality.  To have the reality come true, funds must be raised.

Ron Hitzel,  professional auctioneer of Impact Auctions, started his quest in fundraising for his nephew who had been diagnosed with a blood disease.  He raised money through silent auctions and eventually live auctions with the help of his wife, Debbie.  The passion for helping others emerged.  Ron’s nephew’s story has a happy ending.  He is now 17 years old and healthy, living his life as if each day is a gift.

Impact Auctions is a business built on integrity and love for the nonprofit organizations.  Each charity live auction Impact Auctions assists IS the most important auction we will have supported.

Impact Auctions wants to BE THE GOOD in this world allowing charities to dream big so they may achieve their fundraising goals.


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