Does Your Auctioneer Supply Bid-Spotters?


Does Your Auctioneer Supply Bid-Spotters? This is a very important question to ask your potential Auctioneer.  Here’s why.  

Impact Auctions  provides a team of assistant auctioneers, also known as bid-spotters, which is the most hidden gem that many auctioneers do not include in their services on the night of the event.

An auctioneer and his team should arrive before the doors open and be greeting guests while informing them about the live auction items they can win as they enter the fundraising event.  The professional team should be busy managing the silent auction items helping the organization’s volunteers. They should be promoting items that are not receiving bids and ensuring that the silent auction runs smoothly and closes correctly.

When it’s time for the charity live auction, the team of spotters should take their places in the crowd adding excitement and energizing the guests. Their focus will be identifying bidders and encouraging attendees to increase their bids.   The auctioneer’s team become “assistant auctioneers” at the tables. The team will show their gratitude to the winning bidders and thank all participants and answer any questions they may have.


Some nonprofit organizations attempt to do these jobs themselves, forcing their overworked staff and volunteers to do jobs they aren’t trained for in most cases.  Some Auctioneers recruit the volunteers to be the bid-spotters in the crowd, but usually fizzle out because they really don’t know what to do leaving crucial money in the room when the event is over.

Hiring a charity auctioneer team will ensure maximum profit for the silent and live auction as well as having your guests leaving energized from an extraordinary event.  Just imagine the possibilities what your non-profit organization can do with the extra funds raised.

Want to learn more?  Contact Impact Auctions.


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