Benefit Auctioneer Team Charity Fundraising Events:  Just Smile

 Impact Auctions Benefit Auctioneer Team will ignite your next Charity Fundraiser so planning Committees can smile!    If your non-profit organization has a big goal to achieve, involve the experts in the early stages.  

Debbie and Ron Hitzel, Impact Auctions Auctioneer Team, like to be involved in the strategic planning and brainstorming sessions for each fundraiser.  Involving the auctioneer to become part of the  committee will guarantee record breaking net-profits!  Here is what you can expect:  

• Receive fresh creative ideas and themes

• Gain knowledge how to turn your auction bidders into loyal long-term donors

• Learn valuable time tips for yourself , volunteers, and become aware of the do’s and don’ts that make sussessful events

• Prepare the evening’s timeline with the experts to ensure a fast pace and productive event 

• Become aware of the current “hot” auction items to ensure lively bidding

•  Be exposed to silent auction guidelines that work with less effort

• Gain sponsorships ideas that have engaging techniques that will produce win-win opportunities year after year

• Allow social media to work it’s magic gaining new, committeed donors

These are just a few areas Impact Auctions Auctioneer Team can cover with your fundraising  committee that will ensure a more profitable and successful auction!   Contact the experts and JUST SMILE!  

Debbie and Ron

Impact Auctions  

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