Auctioneer With Fundraising Benefits For Non Profit Organizations

This Fundraising Auctioneer brings numerous Benefits to Non Profit Organizations

When you love what you do it shows!   Ron Hitzel, my husband and auctioneer for Impact Auctions, truly enjoys all fundraising events that feature a live auction that need to meet or exceed their goals!  Ron is a kind-hearted, witty and enthusiastic stage performer that has guests laughing, bidding, and giving generously at each event!  

Ron wasn’t always an auctioneer!  He began his career in the Navy and spent three months at a time under the water.  Yes, he served our country on the USS Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN 631) and brings his worldly experiences to each event each time he takes the stage. 

But that’s not all, Impact Auctions has a full-time Event Specialist!    That is where I come in.  I start the process early with meeting with committee members and analyzing the event. Together new proven strategies are put into place to optimize money raised!  If quality consignment items are needed, we supply travel packages around the world that brings more value to the auction. 

When the anticipated night arrives and the live auction begins, I am in the audience adding excitement and making sure every bid is recognized!  This is a very important part of the fundraising event and should never be thrown upon volunteers to do!

We know every event needs dedicated chair committee members, imperative volunteers, and quality vendors to make a gala successful.

We believe Impact Auctions will be one of the most critical keys to add to your next event in optimizing critical funds raised!

We wish all Non Profit organizations success,

Debbie and Ron

Impact Auctions

*follow our blog for more fundraising tips.

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