24 Fundraising Live Auction Ideas


24 Fundraising Live Auction Ideas that will surely make an Impact


The number one way to raise money is though Live Auctions at Fundraising events.  They offer entertainment and allow your charity donors to receive something in return.

An impacting auction requires two key points:  An experienced fundraising auctioneer  and valued items  to auction.  This can be a terrifying task to take on but we have made it easy for our charity committee members.

Impact Auctions is an experienced Auctioneer Team that has  inspiring consignment experiences and ideas that may make reaching your goals easier for your next fundraising event.


Adventure Travel Packages

Some of the best travel packages in a live auction include:

  1. Napa Valley Wine Tour
  2. Disney Package to Florida
  3. Alaska Cruise Tour
  4. Sold Out Concert Tickets
  5. Limo Service included in a New Years Eve Package
  6. Symphony and Broadway Show Packages 

Once in a lifetime Venture Experiences

The right experience for the right person can be priceless, meaning you get to watch bids soar.

7. China & Tibet Discovery for 14 days
8. Romantic Rhine Cruise
9. South African Discovery including a Safari
10. SuperBowl Tickets
11. Hot air Balloon Ride

  Culinary Experiences

The foodie movement continues to grow, meaning unique dining experiences are growing in demand. Some prime live auction ideas include:

12.  A popular chef  comes to cook your choice of dish in your home
13.  Behind-the-scenes tour at local breweries
14.  Cooking School in Tuscany
15.  Dessert delivered monthly to your home for a year from the city’s best pastry chef 

Adventures for Children and Family 

Unique experiences that are appropriate for kids or families can be big winners. People love to share one-of-a-kind experiences with their family members and friends. Here are some winning ideas:

16.  Career experiences for a day, such as principal,  police officer, firefighter, pilot, etc.
17.  Meet a local legend
18.  Overnight sleepover or birthday parties with friends at the local aquarium,  planetarium, or  zoo
19.  Full after-hours access to attractions, such as four hours of private access to an amusement park

Make Overs

Having opportunities that are unique to the home owner is popular and is a great way to involve local business owners.  Ideas could be:

20.  Patio Make Over for your home
21    Remodel closets in your home

Priceless One-Of-A-Kind Items

Having items that can be “bragging rights” is priceless.  Here are some award winning ideas:

22. Have a leased car paid for a year from your local BMW/ ECT

23.  Playing piano in your home for a year

24.  Full size paid BILLBOARD AD



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