Need a charity auctioneer for your next fundraising event?  How much can an organization expect to pay for a professional?  How about using a free or a volunteer to auctioneer the fundraiser?  Here are some great points to think about while investigating auctioneers and their fees.

“Free” Charity Auctioneers 

Remember, you do in fact get what you pay for in most cases. Nonprofits should clearly consider the following when using a volunteer or free auctioneer.

  • (1) Auctioneer’s willingness to  put their heart and soul into your event
  • (2) Auctioneer’s willingness to help the organization with generating new ideas

An Auctioneer made this statement:  ” I started by doing a free auction for a friend of mine.   Now I’m doing six a month. I have no weekends off.   I don’t take my professional team to the event because I can’t pay them.  The word is out, and now everybody is calling me.  I just go and get the job done.”

When charity auctioneers perform auctions gratis, is it really worth it in the long run? Believe it or not, the non-paid, overworked,  auctioneer/volunteer/emcee is not doing the charity any favors.  If one charity doesn’t value the auctioneer’s skill,  the next one won’t either.


Charity Auctioneers Charging a Flat Fee  – Include a Bonus Structure: 

The old saying, “Having Skin In The Game,” allows the auctioneer to take ownership for achieving the charity’s goals in the Live Auction and Fund Appeal.  A flat rate that incorporates  a bonus structure could look like this:

Flat Fee of $____

Bonus when live auction achieves $40,000: $500
Bonus when live auction achieves $50,000: $500
Bonus when live auction achieves $60,000: $500
Bonus when live auction achieves $70,000: $500

Having a flat fee base, then having a bonus structure ensures your charity auctioneer is motivated to have your charity meet their goals.

Licensed Charity Auctioneers have put in an abundant amount of time to become a professional on stage to help Non-Profit organizations meet fundraising goals.  Expect to pay a range from $2500-$8,000 (plus) depending on what services they offer to benefit the organization.

Services expected to be offered by the Benefit Auctioneer should include:

  1. Professional Bid Spotters for the event
  2. Event Planner to aid the organization commitment members
  3. Event tips and solutions for Live Auction and Fund Appeal
  4. Auction Items should be ordered by the Auctioneer for the best outcome
  5. Personal meeting with the organization prior the event to set up the event’s timeline for the night for best outcome
  6. Early arrival to the event to engage with the guests to promote Live Auction Items during cocktail hour/reception
  7. Follow-up meeting to discuss the outcomes of the event


Tips to Nonprofits in Hiring Charity Auctioneers:

(1) Research.  Ask for references.  Ask others for referrals.

(2) Search the auctioneer’s name and also their company name on the Internet. Look for these traits:

  • “Charity”, ” Fundraising”, “Benefit”, “Professional”, “Licensed” Auctioneer
  •    Recent Videoes
  •   Fund-Appeal Experience
  •   Licensed Auctioneer for Charity Events

(3) Survey if the auctioneer brings Bid Spotters to the event?

(4)Is the auctioneer willing to help your event succeed with new ideas?

(5) Does the Auctioneer know how to execute a Fund-Appeal?

(6)  Does the Auctioneer make the event “FUN”?

Your nonprofit has much to gain by hiring the right charity auctioneer. This decision should not be entered into lightly. While the price of charity auctioneer services may be a concern, it’s the result achieved at the end of the event that truly matters.

img_0041Contact Impact Auctions for a Free Consultation for your next live auction event.  Debbie and Ron are a husband and wife Auctioneer team duo that is a full-service Fundraising  Event Solutions:


Event Planner

Consignment Experiences

and more…..


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