Fundraising Armed Forces Auctioneer at Your Service

Navy Photo
Ron Hitzel, Impact Auctions Auctioneer (back) and his life long friend, Jack Lyons (front) operating the electrical, reactor, and propulsion systems for the US Navy ballistic-missile nuclear submarine Ulysses S. Grant (SSBN-631)

Fundraising Armed Forces Auctioneer at Your Service

Fundraising Armed Forces Auctioneer, Ron Hitzel of Impact Auctions, is ready to do battle in raising money for your charity organization.  It takes a special individual to thrive in the US Navy Nuclear program.  Now, many years later, he is still serving his country helping raise money for programs like the USO and other great organizations by becoming a Fundraising Auctioneer.

Ron with Kimmy and Katie Submarine uniformRon’s background is very diverse. He was born in Buffalo, New York, and then moved to New Jersey. He entered the US Navy Nuclear Submarine program right out of high school and completed seven years of service to America. Ron’s greatest stories are about his accomplishments of surviving three months at a time without seeing the sun while he was 400 feet below the north Atlantic on patrol during the Cold War.

After the Navy, he successfully finished his Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering and then followed up with a Masters Degree in Global Technology Management that found him upgrading electrical power plants around the world. He has traveled to over fifty different countries, speaks many different languages and will bring his cultural diversity that will definitely impact your event.

148573_1659257687942_2728491_nImpact Auctions would love to help your mission in helping our Veteran’s around the country.   Contact Impact Auctions and learn more about our services.

Let’s Make a Difference Together.

Written By Debbie of Impact Auctions.

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