55 Fundraising Live Auction & Silent Auction Ideas

55 Fundraising
Live Auction & Silent Auction Ideas

  1. Experiences Involving Travel Packages
  2. Dinner for two at a popular destination
  3. Dinner for 8 by a popular chef in your area at the Chef’s restaurant
  4. A pair of movie, ballet, symphony, opera, sport event, concert or theatre tickets
  5. Weekend hotel accommodations with tickets to the theatre
  6. Limo service with hotel accommodations for New Year’s Eve
  7. Car service or maintenance for a year
  8. Flowers every month for a year
  9. Ski passes at a local ski resort
  10. Autographed memorability by a celebrity
  11. A happy birthday wish billboard
  12. Be a guest conductor of an orchestra or symphony
  13. 18 holes of golf with a famous golfer or celebrity
  14. Visit to Washington with a Senator or Congressman
  15. Sold Out Concert tickets and a back­stage pass
  16. A reserved parking spot for one year
  17. Front row seats to a concert, game, graduation
  18. A private performance or concert by a famous musician or entertainer
  19. Shadow a government official or famous person for a half day. Lunch or dinner included
  20. Go around with a TV news crew for a day
  21. A private after­hours shopping spree
  22. A private anything tour – zoo, castle,  play, or TV walk­on role
  23. Lunch with a movie or TV cast member
  24. A gourmet meal prepared at the winning bidder’s home by a local chef
  25. Tickets to TV shows like Letterman or Ellen
  26. TV or radio station tour by a news anchor
  27. Principal for a day – parents buy this for one of their children (offer two of these)
  28. Money: ask everyone for a dollar and fill it up and auction
  29. Items One Cannot Get Anywhere Else
  30. Fun with Celebrities(TV or movie star, a popular entertainer, a local radio or TV personality, a government official, a CEO of a corporation, or a local or national popular sports figure)
  31. Lunch or dinner with a celebrity news anchor
  32. An hour of one-­on-­one training with a famous sports person
  33. Front Table at your event the following year
  34. Selfie with a celebrity on stage
  35. Beach Home for a week
  36. Mountain Cabin Home for a week
  37. A tub full of wines and liquors
  38. Kid birthday packages to local hot spots
  39. Leased Car for a Year
  40. Grand Piano to be displayed in your home for a year
  41. Back yard patio remodel
  42. CMA award tickets
  43. NASCAR passes
  44. CAKES and CUPCAKES delivery for a year to your business
  45. His and Her Bicycles
  46. Golf Cart
  47. Children’s Painting or Art Work
  48. Home Make Over
  49. Puppies or Kittens
  50. Items that Appeal to your guests that would be an “Experience” for the cause.
  51. Designer Dress just for her
  52. Unlimited Movie Passes for a year
  53. Airline Tickets for two anywhere in the United States
  54. Private Brew tour at your local brewery
  55. Monthly restaurant dinner for two for a year at local restaurants

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Need more ideas? Find us at Impact Auctions and Good Luck.

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