“Triumphant” Fundraising Success Strategies for Charity Events


As fundraising auctioneers, Impact Auctions, Ron and Debbie Hitzel, have been to over 500 events raising money for non-profit organizations.  As stewards for our industry, we are always looking for the key ingredients that makes one fundraising event stand out from others.     

We have put together six key strategies that make charity events  “triumphant” for fundraising year after year.  

  • 1.  Mission Matters
  • 2. Passionate Volunteers & Attendees
  • 3.  Attainable Goals
  • 4. Tradition Prevails
  • 5.  Heartfelt Stories 
  • 6.  Leaders that Lead

images1.   Mission Matters

The mission of the Non-Profit Organization needs to be very clear why  money is being raised and how it is being used within the organization.  This needs to be very specific and every attendee should know why they have come to the event.


2. Passionate Volunteers & Attendees

Organizations usually acquire over the years a passionate list of volunteers,  board members, and attendees. Each person has a vital role to the organization.   Whether being a  volunteer for the event, or  a trusted board member, it takes a  whole team of characters including passionate guests.    If you are just beginning to put together a first time event, it does take time to build a strong fundraising team of angels, but be patient because the rewards are priceless.

  3.   Attainable Goals

Fundraising galas usually consist of having many little fundraising events in one night.  For example,  a Silent Auction, a Live Auction, a Fund-Appeal, and a Raffle could be the line up.   Taking each part and making its own goal to strive for will help manage expectations for the overall  Attainable GOAL for the evening.

4.  Tradition Prevails

Let’s face it, most fundraising events happen on the same date year after year.  There is something to be  said  about an annual traditional event.   Advertising and Marketing your event is crucial for ALL attendees.    Get the word out early to SAVE THE DATE.  If your organization is just starting out, this is the time to set the stage for a long lasting affair.  Take note:  Holidays, Sporting Events, and other events that may conflict with your event on that date at that time of year.

603777_855579987851193_3400952663363146716_n5. HeartFELT Stories

Raising money year after year can be overwhelming.  However this is not true when everyone in the room is passionate about the cause. How do you get passionate people to attend the annual charity event?

The most effective fundraising events  use heartfelt stories from their community members.   This brings a key ingredient that allows for the financial gains year after year success for the organization.   Imagine hearing a passionate story from a local neighbor how the money raised changed their life from the organization?    Storytellers are powerful resources.   Videos can also be used as an imperative tool sharing a story about the charity’s mission.

This ” video ” is from a 4 year old, Ava,  who painted a picture to be auctioned in Charlotte who has cystic fibrosis.  Not only did the auctioneer sell one of these paintings for $4000.00, but two of them for a total of $8000.00.  Before this painting was auctioned, a video of Ava painting this picture was shown.


6.  Leaders Who Lead

Leadership should never be underestimated when it comes to a TRIUMPHANT event.  Leaders of the organization sets the stage for every fundraising occasion. Having an effective team of volunteers and staff  to produce any event will be endless hours of handwork usually of sweat and tears.    Finding those passionate leaders who can lead in a multi-tasking environment are crucial.  Once you find them, appreciate them and appreciate them, and appreciate them.




These six key ingredients mixed together with a Non-Profit Organization that believes in their mission will be a “TRIUMPHANT” fundraising event that has success year after year.

  •  Mission Matters
  •  Passionate Volunteers & Attendees
  •  Attainable Goals
  •  Tradition Prevails
  •  Heartfelt Stories
  •  Leaders that Lead

Leave one of these important keys out of the mix,  the event might not even get off the ground.

Learn more at Impact Auctions about how the Auctioneer Team is critical for a Live Auction and Fund Appeal event.

Written by Debbie Hitzel of Impact Auctions




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