Fundraising Auctioneer & Fund Appeal Professional:  Charlotte, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Sarasota, and More

Impact Auctions:  Fundraising “LIVE AUCTION” Auctioneer & “FUND APPEAL” Professional:  serving Charlotte, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Sarasota, Pittsburgh, Colorado Springs, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago and more!

Want to Explode your next Non-profit Fundraising Gala for your charity organization? Impact Auctions  is now booking for FALL of 2016 / Spring of 2017.    This is the time to act as the best AUCTIONEER teams book up fast.

IMG_0391Contact Impact Auctions, Husband and Wife Duo, Ron and Debbie Hitzel, for your Free Consultation to make your event explode.

Impact Auctions has helped thousands of organizations to raise more funds by consulting with the event committee to look closer at these vital questions:

  • Do you have activities to make your mission shine and take your organization to the next level?
  • Do you have all the  fundraising skills necessary to ensure success?
  • Do you have a plan to make that success a reality?
  • Do you have time to cover all the bases and keep up with the latest, greatest fundraising ideas?
  • Do you have the right support with corporate sponsorship and donors?  How can the organization ensure the right people attend?
  • Do you have the right Live Auction Items?  Do you need  experiences to appeal to your guests that bring value and quality?
  • Do you have a compelling story for your Fund Appeal?

Impact Auctions has many references and would love to help your next fundraising event. Impact Auctions was created as a service to provide charity organizations a “TEAM” of talent to help non-profit events. Wouldn’t it be great to have an event planner who specializes in live auctions at your fingertips that can provide award winning trips to auction? Wouldn’t it be nice to be guaranteed a talented professional auctioneer who actually cares about your organization up on stage?
Contact us today for your free consultation.  

Check out our recent Videos today.  Best of Luck,

Debbie and Ron Hitzel


Recent Happy Clients:  

Ron and Debbie Hitzel are true professionals – exciting, entertaining, and great at what they do! But what really sets them apart from other auctioneers that I have seen (which is a lot!) is their ability to truly understand the event, the audience, and the right tone for the evening. Ron and Debbie were fantastic at our event – Fashion Breathes Life. We are still hearing from our attendees about what a great addition they were to our live and silent auction (it is amazing how carefully timed commentary can really pump up bidding on silent auction items!). They are masters of their art!

Ben and Jill Pleune with Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Impact Auctions brought us more than just return on the dollar. The amount of tactical and strategic information they gave for planning and executing our non-profit event was priceless, things we never thought of doing before. Debbie and Ron are truly problem-solvers, professionals, and honestly want to help you be successful. Our committee worked with them over an eight-month period, and they never let us down.

Eleanor Herbert, Hickory Museum of Art Guild Executive Committee

It is with enthusiasm I recommend Ron and Debbie Hitzel of Impact Auctions for your next event. Post-event feedback from the Gus & Dolls co-chairs and attendees has been overwhelmingly positive in regard to Ron and Debbie. The event’s volunteer leaders believe strongly that this year’s audience at Guys & Dolls was more engaged throughout the event because of Ron and Debbie’s energy and enthusiasm. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation looks forward to working with Ron and Debbie and Impact Auctions for years to come.

Gretchen Rohleder
Development Director at Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

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