Florida Professional Auctioneer Team: Children Battling Cancer Fashion

Experience! Reliability! Expertise in the Live and Silent Auction

Debbie and Ron Hitzel, Impact Auctions, are a husband and wife team that have been in the fundraising business for over 15 years raising money for charitable causes close to their hearts.   Ron is a former US Navy Nuclear Submariner and has upgraded electrical power plants around the world. Ron speaks several languages after working in over 56 countries and thus brings his world travels to the stage as the auctioneer.  

Impact Auctions is located in Florida and North Carolina and is a Licensed Charity Auctioneer that is helping thousands of organization’s set record-breaking profits in one night with less work for the volunteers and committee members.  

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THANK YOU to everyone that celebrated children battling cancer and gave them hope for the future to accomplish their dreams on April 30th,  Fashion Funds the Cure in Tampa for the National Children’s Pediatric Foundation.  Impact Auctions helped raise over $300,000 with the Live Auction and Fund Appeal for the children.  Let’s see what our children want to be when they grow up:




Our reader and emcee for the evening,  Giuliana Rancic!  What a wonderful night of inspiration and one step closer to finding a cure for Pediatric Cancer.  What an inspiring event for all.

Find out more about our auctioneer services at Impact Auctions.

Written by Debbie Hitzel

Debbie and Ron of Impact Auctions

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