SIX benefits of Staging Only One Major Fundraising Event a Year

SIX benefits of Staging Only One Major Fundraising Event a Year

Why might One Giant Fundraiser be better for  Fundraising in the long run?

Too many fundraising events can KILL yourself, volunteers and your staff. Here are SIX benefits of only staging one major Fundraising Gala/Event a year instead of have multiple little ones.  

1. Volunteers

Your volunteers can go all out in spreading the word and generating attendance, because they are only going to focus on one event a year.  

2. Sponsorships

The real money from an event is raised from sponsorships for your events.

It takes a decent amount of time to develop sponsorship materials, target the right prospects, organize a committee and make the asks.

If you focus all your energy on one major event each year, you can raise bigger sponsorships because the single event has the visibility and the pizazz.

3. Greater Attendance

You’ll have greater attendance and attention from your supporters. These A+ donors will return each year willingly and happily.  

4. Live Auctions/Silent Auctions/Fund Appeals

Having a fundraiser takes a lot of time gathering and procuring silent auction and live auction items. Don’t exhaust your committee and your donors by asking too many times for FREE STUFF. Make sure to get a professional auctioneer when it comes to the live auction. This is your potential big money maker and having the right Professional Auctioneer will make your job easier and the night of giving enjoyable. Remember to incorporate a FUND APPEAL into the night of giving. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.  

5. Have Fun

There is a lot of stress than can go into an event. You’ll be more successful if you choose to only have one event a year and make it FUN for everyone involved.  

Be smart about where you focus your time and energy.

6. Ask For Help

If you don’t ask for help, you won’t get it. Because you are only having one major event, this makes it easier to ask for help in planning your event.  

Remember, your Non-Profit Organization is the most important one out there. At least to you and your passionate followers. So make ONE event the bread and butter of your fundraising mission and gain bigger results with less work. I can guarantee you will look forward to planning this event each year and having more funds to help your charity’s mission.  

Good Luck.  

Written by Debbie Hitzel, Event Specialist with Impact Auctions.  

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