Fundraising Events Charity Auctioneer: Impact Auctions

Fundraising Events Charity Auctioneer: Impact Auctions

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Fundraising Events need an inspiring Charity Auctioneer. Impact Auctions, Ron Hitzel, is clearly one of the BEST in the business when it comes to Live Auctions and Fund Appeals. He has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations. His quick witty personality, passion for the cause, and his gentleman charisma on stage has the crowd, bidding, laughing, and supporting the organization with a smile on their face while opening up their pocketbooks happily.

Debbie, Fundraising Events Specialist, starts with supporting the “behind the scenes” planning committee with fresh concepts that have many benefits. She starts with listening to the ideas that have worked with past events and then suggests new practices that could generate record-setting funds raised in one night. She is a valuable bid spotter for the grand finale. Together, Debbie and Ron, have a unique skill set for IMPACTING fundraising AUCTION events.



Whether this is your organization’s first or fortieth fundraising event, Impact Auctions solutions offer:



Event Planning Expert

Live Auction Fundraising Auctioneer

Bid Spotters

Innovative theme and proven ideas that work

Strategies to optimize silent auction

Live auction expertise that maximizes funds

Contemporary marketing advertising advice

Helpful tips for training volunteers

Live Auction consignment travel packages

Utilizing “Fund-A-Need” as an essential tool

FREE event consultation
And much more

Impact Auctions Fundraising Solutions:

* Personal Event Planner

* Charity Auctioneer

* Assistant Auctioneer Team

* Assistance in Marketing

* Consignment Travel Experiences

* Personal Travel Representative

* Check out Assistance

* Check Lists

* Unlimited Strategies to Optimize

* Silent Auction Expertise

* Resources for Fundraisers

* Social Media Tips

* Sponsorship Strategies

* Innovative Themes and Ideas

* Fund-Appeal Strategies

* and much much more

Contact Impact Auctions for a free consultation for your next charity event.


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