Consignment Auction Experiences: Spectacular Best of Italy Tour

 16 Days Spectacular Best of Italy Tour:  Live Auction Consignment Experiences

La Dolce Vita, the good life is exactly what the Best of Italy tour is all about. Experience classic Italian food, wine, history and all the things this wonderful country is famous for. Experience a kaleidoscope of colors, fragrances, and tastes as you immerse yourself in its culture, history, and incredible sights on this spectacular best of Italy tour. On this tour not only will you visit the main cities like Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, and Assisi but you will also get to enjoy some of the smaller towns and scenic attractions. Plus you will visit the must-see UNESCO World Heritage sights in the cities, such as the Vatican Museums & the Colosseum in Rome, Michelangelo’s David in Florence, St. Mark’s Square and Basilica in Venice, the glass-domed Galleria & and the Duomo in Milan, the legendary Leaning Tower of Pisa and much more. One tour highlight is Pompeii, which was completely buried during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. This preserved town gives you an amazingly detailed look into life at the peak of the Roman Empire. You’ll also have an opportunity to relax in the laid-back town of Sorrento. Explore the cobblestone streets lined with shops and restaurants, delight in the amazing views, watch the sunset dip into the sea, and see Mount Vesuvius across the bay. You’ll also have time in beautiful Capri, where celebrities go to “get away from it all.” On this tour, your guide will arrange some special experiences just for you, such as a cappuccino at a popular, historical café in Padua and a visit to the Gardens of Augustus in Capri. Here, you’ll have incredible views of the Tyrrhenian Sea from the tranquil gardens. From the relaxing towns of Sorrento and isola-dei-pescatori-lago-maggiore-piemonte-italyLake Maggiore (boat ride to Isola dei Pescatori included) to Sicily where you will enjoy a guided walking tour of picturesque Taormina and a visit to the Greek-Roman Amphitheater, built in the 3rd century BC. This tour of Italy offers it all! Your spectacular 16 days Best of Italy tour includes main cabin airfare for two, breakfast daily, five three-course dinners with wine, all in-country transportation, all your tours & deluxe accommodations. La Dolce Vita!

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Travel Guidelines

1. Impact Auctions has an exclusive travel agent assisting all traveler’s reservations. This is a luxury benefit for every winning bidder.
2. Trips expire one year from date of purchase.
3. Airfare is the main cabin, but can be upgraded with traveler’s points, etc.
4. All travel must be booked 90 days in advance.
5. No blackout dates apply, but if holiday travel is being considered, we recommend six-month advance notification for reservations to guarantee flights and hotel rooms without extra surcharges.
6. All hotels are deluxe accommodations.
7. Trips may be altered to accommodate the organization.
8. Trips are summarized and have a description to help advertise your item.
9. The cost of each trip is considered Impact Auctions minimum reserve.

10. Payment term is NET 30. No reservations will be secured until receipt of full payment. There is NO RISK to the organization.

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