Drawings (Raffles) for Charity Fundraising

Golden Travel Ticket Drawing (Raffle) for Charity Fundraising

Need a creative way to raise money before your fundraising event opens their door for the evening?  Here is a great way to raise $7,000.00 with only selling 100 tickets.  Winners do not have to be present to win.  Only 100 tickets are sold.

Pick three (3) $3000 trips for the grand prize drawing. My suggestion would be Disney, Napa, and Las Vegas. (You have family, Romance, and excitement as a variety for the winner to select).


Sell 100 tickets for $7000 

Sell 100 tickets for $100 dollars apiece weeks before the event. ONLY the FIRST 100 people will have the chance to win. That’s a grand total of $10,000 less the $3000 cost for the trip, providing your event with a $7000 profit before anyone walks into the building that night. Make it fun and competitive by incentivizing your committee selling the tickets that the person who sells the most tickets, gets a free ticket in the raffle drawing. This allows you to sell tickets to anyone even if they aren’t in attendance that night. It also advertises your event. A win-win situation!  All of this money is raised BEFORE you doors open for your event.

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