44 Gala Theme Ideas for 2019

Gala Fundraising Theme Ideas for 2019

What is going to be popular for fundraising gala themes for 2019? Here are some great choices for the new year.


1. Runway Fashion Show– Fashion is in and will make any event fashionable.


2. Rock N Roll all Night

3. Pop Movie Night

4. Black-Tie Formal
5. Dancing With The Stars
6. Oktober Fest
7. “Bourbon” Kentucky
8. Craft Beer Tasting
9. Kentucky Derby
10. 19th Hole
11. Medieval Times12743678_1679095812367219_5726252528483725767_n

12. Broadway Musical

13. Pink Tie/Pink Shoes
14. Talladega Nights
15. Red Carpet

16. James Bond “Martini”–James Bond themed event, with Martini bar, Ice sculpture, Blackjack, & roulette tables Bond girls and yours truly as Sean Connery’s James Bond.

17. “Zombie” Apocalypse
18. “Greece”
19. “Superhero Soiree”
20. Cirque du Soleil
21. Vodka-tasting party

22. Paris Lights

23. Moonshining

24. Blue Jeans -High Heels & Ties
25. Geishas and Samurais
26. Star-Gazing Soirée
27. Scotch and Chocolate
28. Cigars and Champaign

29. Red, Red Wine Tasting- Nothing is quite as romantic as throwing a party that is entirely red. Red decor, red flowers, red velvet cake

30. English Pub
31. Bow Ties & Diamonds


32. Anchors Away–Anchors Away: You might not own a yacht, but you can certainly party like you do. Think royal blue and white decor and plenty of anchors as the theme of your decor.

33. Chef’s Cooking

34 Styling in Sport Attire
35. Kings and Queens
36. All White Classic

37. Murder Mystery Party
38. Nights on the Nile
39. Hope Grows Here
40. Laughter Comedy Night

41. Give “Cancer” the Boot


42. Hats Off
43. Backyard Garden
44. It’s a Jungle

Good Luck. Please leave us a comment. Thanks.

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