Impact Auctions Fundraising Team for North Carolina and Florida and beyond.

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North Carolina and Florida Auctioneer team helping Non-Profit Organizations to take their fundraising event to the next level!  We help organizations with Live Auctions, Silent Auctions, Head’s or Tail’s game, Raffles, and Consignment travel.   We help committees brainstorm the best ideas for their event.

Need Help?

Contact Debbie today.  Impact Auctions is an experienced Auctioneer Team that can help your event go to the next level. We love helping our North Carolina and Florida friends.

Debbie and Ron Hitzel, Impact Auctions, are a husband and wife team that have been in the fundraising business for over 20 years raising money for charitable causes close to their hearts. Our Auctioneer is a former US Navy Nuclear Submariner and has upgraded electrical power plants around the world and has his masters degree in business management. Ron speaks several languages after working in over 56 countries and thus brings his world travels to the stage! Debbie is a former teacher of almost 30 years and now enjoys helping all fundraising events. We look forward in helping your Next Non Profit Fundraising event.

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