We specialize in these areas for the Live Auction, Silent Auction and Raffle Items.

Live Auctions for fundraising non-profit organizations are very popular because of the funds they raise in a short amount of time.  Impact Auctions is offering a Free Consultation for your next charity fundraising event that will guarantee your organization to reach your goal and exceed it.  

*Boosting ticket sales
*How to find new sponsors
*How to start making funds while planning your event
*When to have the live auction in your program
*How to order your items to maximize funds.  
*How to close down your silent auction for the best financial gain
*What are the best live auction items 
*How to pick your auctioneer
*What’s new in mobile bidding
*How to advertise your event for free
*Training ideas for your volunteers
*Jump starting worn out events
*What to look for in consignment items
*Why adding Fund-A-Need is essential
*And Much Much More  

Non-Profit Organizations that are having a silent or live auction for their next charity event will find this free consultation to be very rewarding.  

Contact Impact Auctions for your next Live Auction gala event.

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