Popular Live Auctions Items for 2023: Impact Auctions

Need ideas that will that will get your guests and donors excited. Here are some AWARD WINNING ideas year after year from Impact Auctions.


1. Children’s Paintings
2. Sold out concert tickets
3. Sporting event VIP tickets

4. Chef Party for 8
5. Boating cruise with guests around the local lake
6. Magical STAY-CATION at the Ritz or new hotels
7. Disney passes and vacation stay
10. Sports Memorabilia
11. Limo service for New Year’s Eve Night
12. Hunting party for the guys
13. Spa day for the girls

14. High-end purses
15. Leased car for a year
16. Live Animals (puppy, kitty)
17. House at the beach/mountains
18. Fresh flowers (cookies) delivered once a week for a year 19. Hot air balloon ride
20. Advertisement on a billboard (business)
21. Home makeover
22. Golfing weekend
23. Country club dues paid
24. Closet makeover
25. Bicycles His/her
26. “Theme” experience
27. Theater passes

  1. Private tours (breweries, museums, etc)
  2. A day “with” (a sheriff, the mayor, racecar driver…)
  3. Shopping experience with an experienced blogger
  4. Next Year Event Tickets for 2, Front Row Table, and More
  1. Birthday Party for a child at a “desired place” like bowling, fun spots, and etc
  2. A guided Tour of a TV studio by a news anchor person
  3. Ski package to a popular destination
  4. Use of a Vacation Home or Timeshare stays for a getaway
  5. *Swap Items with other out-of-state organizations. ( local items can be traded for another organization’s Local Attraction)

36. Lessons ( Golf, Dance, Fitness)
37. Closet full of exciting items, certificates, candles, and more…. 38. Roundtrip air to anywhere for two (use those airline points) 39. Race and Track Experiences
40. Tools for men — Don’t forget about the men

41. Wine and Liquor
42. Wagon full of toys
43. CASH — Make a cash tree with an undisclosed amount of Cash 44. Signed guitars
45. Political Meet and Greets— Mayor for the day example
46. Electronics
47. Themed baskets of Wellness
48. Botox for men and women
49. Gift Card Baskets
50. Zoo Passes or Museum birthday parties
51. Golf Clubs
52. Memberships to a Golf Club

53. Experience for the day — At a school: Principal etc….

Let Impact Auctions help you plan your next event.

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