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IMG_5125What to Expect When You’re Expected to Raise More: Fundraiser’s Guide to Optimizing the Live Auction was written with one thing in mind; helping the non-profit fundraising director raise more net profit at each event.

Each year non-profit organizations are expected to raise more money than the year before.  That can be very stressful unless you are equipped with the answers before you have the question.  Let me explain.

Live Auction
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Your gala is having a Live Auction. You personally have never hired an auctioneer. What questions and guidelines should the development director ask when interviewing potential auctioneer’s?  Make sure you ask for current references and videos.  One size does not fit all auctioneer’s with each event.

 Silent Auction


Having a Silent Auction? Did you know that thousands of dollars are potentially lost when a few key components are not followed?  Just a few strategic guidelines to follow will increase the  silent auction profit and keep your volunteers happy.  Let me ask you a question.  The more items you have in the silent auction the more money you will make, correct?  WRONG.  Sign up for the free Ebook below for more optimizing strategies.

Anyone can have a successful night of charity fundraising, right?  WRONG.   Ron and I have gone to many events where the night bombed.  It broke our hearts.  It wasn’t because long hours weren’t put into the event.  It wasn’t because the food wasn’t delicious.  It wasn’t because the right donors weren’t in the room.  The biggest mistakes occur in these 4 areas which is covered in the free EBOOK.

*Timeline of the night’s activities

*Using a volunteer auctioneer

*Silent auction mishaps

*Not having the right live auction items to auction

Receive your gift from Impact Auctions:  Free EBOOK

Ron and I want every event, gala, and golf tournament to be extremely successful.  We offer a free consultation for non-profit organizations that may need advise or need assistance in starting a fundraising program.   Sign up today to receive  What to Expect When You’re Expected to Raise More: Fundraiser’s Guide to Optimizing the Live Auction.  

Your copy will be sent to you shortly. Enjoy and happy fundraising.

Debbie and Ron Hitzel

Impact Auctions Auctioneer Team

What To Expect When Expected to Raise More:
What To Expect When Expected to Raise More:


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