Ron and Debbie

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Impact Auctions Title


Impact Auctions Benefit Auctioneer Solutions for Non Profit Fundraising North Carolina Events

Impact Auctions restricts its auctioneering, fundraising, event planning, travel and similar activities solely to the State of North Carolina.

Impact Auctions is a benefit auctioneer team that provides event solutions specializing in fundraising events for non profit galas.. Make your next event RECORD-BREAKING with Impact Auctions, Debbie and Ron Hitzel.

Impact Auctions Solutions:

  • Event Planning Expert
  • Live Auction Fundraising Auctioneer
  • Bid Spotters
  • Innovative theme and proven ideas that work
  • Strategies to optimize silent auction
  • Live auction expertise that maximize funds
  • Contemporary marketing advertising advice
  • Helpful tips for training volunteers
  • Live Auction consignment travel packages
  • Utilizing “Fund-A-Need” as an essential tool
  • FREE event consultation
    And much more

Debbie and Ron’s Story:  Impact Auctions Founders

Debbie and Ron Hitzel, the auctioneer team for Impact Auctions, have been in the fundraising business for over a decade raising money for charity causes close to their hearts. When Ron’s nephew was diagnosed with leukemia in 2003, Ron joined the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team-in-Training to help raise money for blood cancer research where he quickly assumed the role of fundraising coordinator for his team because of his passion.


Through trial and error he found silent auctions to be an effective way to raise “just enough” money. Over time, he realized that securing silent auction items was a tedious task that demanded much energy and time that exhausted his volunteers as well as himself. Meanwhile, Debbie had begun working for a fundraising company and quickly saw the benefits of raising MORE with live auctions at charity events. With her event planning guidance, Ron tried his skills as an auctioneer at their next charity fundraiser. The outcome spoke for itself as the net-profit was doubled in thirty minutes. Debbie and Ron’s new passion for helping fundraisers with live auctions had begun.


Contact Impact Auctions
Contact Debbie and Ron at Impact Auctions for your Silent or Live Auction Experiences

Impact Auctions was created as a service to provide charity organizations a “TEAM” of talent to help non-profit events. Wouldn’t it be great to have an event planner who specializes in live auctions at your fingertips that can provide award winning trips to auction? Wouldn’t it be nice to be guaranteed a talented professional auctioneer who actually cares about your organization up on stage?
With Respect for What You Do,
Debbie and Ron Hitzel


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