Raise The Paddle Fundraising Event

Fund Raising Auctions – Double Your Revenue With a Special Pledge Appeal   A Professional auctioneer will execute the appeal for you, transitioning gracefully from the live auction…to the special pledge appeal…and then back to the live auction…without missing a … Continue reading Raise The Paddle Fundraising Event


FUNDRAISING CHARITY AUCTIONEER FEES Need a charity auctioneer for your next fundraising event?  How much can an organization expect to pay for a professional?  How about using a free or a volunteer to auctioneer the fundraiser?  Here are some great points to think … Continue reading FUNDRAISING CHARITY AUCTIONEER FEES

Inspiring Themes for Fundraising Galas

Thoughts from Impact Auctions:  We have been fortunate enough to witness thousands of fundraising galas and themes over the last 15 years of our career.  Each time we walk into the ballroom where the charity event is taking place, our breath is taken away with all … Continue reading Inspiring Themes for Fundraising Galas