Testimonials for Consignment Vacations with Impact Auctions

Thanks for arranging our wonderful European vacation and river cruise. It was our best trip ever.  You did a wonderful job. Our hotels were lovely; the excursions were great; and the Rhine cruise was so enjoyable.  We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and expertise. Hope the attached photos come through okay.

Janet and Tom



planeGot back Monday from Italy. We just want tell you how much we enjoyed the trip. Everything was perfect. The hotel rooms were fantastic and the people were terrific. Everything went off perfectly, the excursions were a great experience and fun. Only thing about the whole trip was our feet were screaming for a break as we did many miles of walking. Thanks again for a great trip we will always remember the beautiful places and people of Italy.

Thanks again,

Jack and Tina



Tuscany-area-480x480I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an incredible trip for us!! We absolutely loved every minute of it, and your perfect planning really MADE the trip!!! The hotel in Florence was just gorgeous! Everyone was so charming and the food was fresh and fabulous! We missed the first part of the Florence tour, but did get to the tour on the David, which was excellent. We absolutely LOVED Tuscany and the beautiful Villa, precious Jho and Elena! The highlight of Tuscany for me was without a doubt was the cooking class with Silvano and Rita! They are two amazing and passionate people!!! Rome was also great! We ended up getting a fabulous golf club tour of Rome. Roberto and Victor took us by golf cart all over the city,through all the narrow back streets, sharing their favorite spots to shop, eat and tour. It was an excellent idea to see Rome by golf cart. If you are interested in this contact let me know.

We really can’t thank you enough for such an amazingly well planned trip!

My best! Pam




We are back and we had a great time! Thank you again for everything and we are grateful for your coordination in putting our trip together.  This was a trip that my daughter and I will never forget and cherish for years to come.

Thank you again!

Best Regards, Kathy




We are back (last night) and I just wanted to tell you, we had a great trip! Everything went smoothly and it truly was a dream trip that got a check mark on the bucket list! The Avalon Cruise was exceptional. The service couldn’t have been better and that include the food and such. They did a great job and just as an aside, the beds were superb! What a pleasure to slide open the floor to ceiling doors and just lie on the bed watching the world go by! We took so many pictures (three cameras …digital still, HD video and iPhone) that I started to worry about memory, I think we got it all in though!  Penny asked me to especially thank-you for suggesting the two night in Zurich. When we arrived on Sunday, we walked the old town and thoroughly enjoyed it. The next day e did the Jungfraujoch tour. The one was clouds and more clouds but still spectacular with an excellent guide. Actually, the clouds played to our advantage because Penny was leary of the heights and with the clouds, she couldn’t see very much and we even went out on the observation deck on the very top.   By the way, the Marriott worked great. The rate as what the quoted you and it included breakfast each morning. But … the real kick was that it was just a five minute walk from the main railway station in Zurich and also a five minute or so walk from the main bus terminal. Well, theres lot more, but I wanted you to hear right away that we had a great time and we both say “Thank-you”!

Have a great day!


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