FUNDRAISING CHARITY AUCTIONEER FEES Need a charity auctioneer for your next fundraising event?  How much can an organization expect to pay for a professional?  How about using a free or a volunteer to auctioneer the fundraiser?  Here are some great points to think … Continue reading FUNDRAISING CHARITY AUCTIONEER FEES

24 Fundraising Live Auction Ideas

  24 Fundraising Live Auction Ideas that will surely make an Impact   The number one way to raise money is though Live Auctions at Fundraising events.  They offer entertainment and allow your charity donors to receive something in return. An impacting auction requires two key points:  An experienced fundraising auctioneer  and valued items  to auction.  This can be a terrifying task to take on but we have made it easy for our charity committee members. Impact Auctions is an experienced Auctioneer Team that has  inspiring consignment experiences and ideas that may make reaching your goals easier for your next fundraising event. LIVE AUCTION … Continue reading 24 Fundraising Live Auction Ideas