Fundraising Event Tips for Success

Every fundraising event across the country wants a sure way to raise more money. Here are 12 vital ideas to boost your funds at your next benefit fundraising event.

12. Table Centerpieces – Have your centerpieces be a part of your fundraising funds for the evening.  Attain centerpieces that are donated from varies flower shops around your community and ask for donations from your guest to take the treasure home with them that evening.

11. Live Auction – A fundraising charity auctioneer will double or triple your fundraising results. Make sure your live auction items are unique with travel.  

10. Ticket Sales – Boost your ticket sales with passionate people who understand your organization’s mission.

9. Silent Auction – Limit your silent auction items and group them into themed baskets to encourage bigger bids.

8. “Selfie” Contest– Instead of hiring a professional photographer, have a contest among your guests by having them share their “SELFIE” by using a #hashtag connecting to your social media links. Pick one winner that will represent your organization on your next year’s event website. (This may not bring additional money, but lots of exposure for your organization)

7. Raffles – Have one item that is a one-of-a-kind experience that is only available in a raffle drawing.( Some states have Raffle laws that must be followed)

6. Dessert table – Have special desserts boxed and ready to go home treats for your guest and ask for a donation.

5. Drink Sales – Add a wine tasting, craft beer tasting, whiskey tasting, margarita tasting, etc. area as a special treat to your night’s event for a special price.

4. Merchandise Sales – Don’t forget to include Fundraising bracelets, cause t-shirts, or a special trinket that will boost your organization’s brand and bring in extra funds too.

3. Fund-A-Need – ALWAYS ask for donations with a special appeal! Not every person will win a prize but want to offer help with a donation.  If you don’t ask, you won’t get.

2. Contests – Add lots of fun with wacky contests like “Spin the Wheel”, ” a Wine Wall”, or “Head’s or Tail” action.

1. Corporate Sponsors – This is a MUST.  Corporate Sponsorships will support your organization year after year.

Make each fundraising event a great experience for your guest, and they will be back year after year supporting the organization’s cause with excitement.

For more information, contact Impact Auctions for your next event.

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